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Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*
DV8 Off-Road & The 2021 Ford Raptor

DV8 Off-Road & The 2021 Ford Raptor

2021 Ford Raptor custom aftermarket parts and accessories

Ford Motor Company has officially released images and specs on the all-new third generation Raptor. The excitement can be felt across the entire automotive community and that’s no different here. We at DV8 Off-Road realize this is a great platform and want to inform our customers that we will be making Ford Raptor parts and accessories!

What to expect:

Check our 2021 Ford Raptor parts webpage for updates and future products


The 2017-2020 Raptor is a hard truck to beat, but it seems Ford has done it. A nicer interior, next generation shocks, more wheel travel and larger tires are just a few of the upgrades they’ve given us.

2021 Ford Raptor suspension

While it was not announced in the first round of media, Ford Performance has posted on their Instagram that the Raptor R will indeed receive a V8 engine. For now, though, there is an updated 3.5l that will be coming in the standard Raptors. While they haven’t quite told us what has changed, we can assume this will at least make more power than the previous generation.

Since this is an off-road specific model it comes as no surprise that the Raptor can be purchased with 37” tires, 2 inches larger than the previous generation. Fox also stepped up and created a new generation of shocks that measure in at 3.1” diameter and retain the on-the-fly adjustability that they call live valve. The most notable suspension change can be seen with the addition of coil springs and five link system in the rear which replaces the previously used leaf spring system. Add all this together and you can find one more inch of travel in front and back of this model.

2021 Ford Raptor interior dash

The technology offered in this generation has also taken a large step forward compared to what we’ve seen in the past. Features such as a fully digital gauge cluster and a 12” entertainment screen can now be found inside the Raptor. There is also an option for high end Recaro seats with suede inserts. The Fordpass app gives wireless connectivity to the truck allowing certain parameters to be controlled from a smart phone.

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