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Bronco Everglades to Include Factory Snorkel & Winch Bronco Everglades to Include Factory Snorkel & Winch

Bronco Everglades to Include Factory Snorkel & Winch

Ford has confirmed that the Ford Bronco will offer the "Everglades" equipment package/model beginning sometime in the summer of 2022. Whether it will be a unique trim level, or just an optional equipment package is yet to be revealed. And though they didn't release many details, they did confirm it will include a factory air-intake snorkel and factory winch. The snorkel moves the intake up near the roofline, to prevent water, dust, and other particles from entering the intake. Anyone who has romped around in muddy waters and mud knows that even the most capable ride can get stuck. So, it makes sense to pair the factory snorkel with a standard winch if you're hitting the swamplands. We assume that the winch will come mounted in the current OEM, modular steel bumper. Currently Ford offers a Warn winch through Ford Performance, so it's likely to be the same for the Everglades Bronco.

Ford Bronco Everglades Snorkel

There are currently no images of the Everglades other than those where it's wrapped in camouflage. The snorkel is visible, of course, since you wouldn't want to cover your air intake during testing. A Warn winch is also left uncovered in these photos, which is nothing new. There is a roof rack installed as well, and we'd imagine that it too may come standard on the Bronco Everglades. It's yet to be revealed if there will be any other performance related improvements, such as better off-road suspension or higher clearance. With the Bronco Raptor coming out around the same time, how will the Everglades hold up to it's mightier brother? If it is indeed just an equipment package, could one order the Bronco Raptor that includes the Everglades package?

We're left to wonder, since Ford announced 3 new colors coming in 2022 (Everglades Green being one of them), will the Bronco Everglades come standard in Everglades Green?

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