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2022 Everglades Bronco 2022 Everglades Bronco

2022 Ford Bronco Everglades Pictures and Features Revealed

Ford has confirmed a new Bronco model called the Everglades for the 2022 model year. It is slated to be available in the summer of 2022, but with a limited availability. It's unclear at this point whether this will be a new trim level, or just an add-on package. Ford stated that they will release details about pricing and specs sometime in the first quarter of 2022. Ford shared a handful of lightly camouflaged pictures of the Everglade via Bronco Nation.

2020 Bronco Everglades

One of the coolest new features included with the Everglade is a snorkel that is mounted to the A-pillar. This will enhance the Bronco's water fording capabilities, and is coupled with another feature to help with fording as well - The air induction system features a trap door. This allows any mud, water, or debris that manages to make it's way into the air intake to fall out the trap door before it makes it further into the system to the engine.

Bronco Everglades Slide-Out Tailgate

The package includes the heavy-duty modular front bumper and winch. There are thick roof rails atop the MIC hard top, which seem to be solid enough to mount an tent for your overland journeys. It also features a slide-out tailgate modeled to look like an older Bronco's tailgate. This can be used as a work surface or to give you the extra space to bed down on at night. The fender flares have been updated for seemingly higher clearance and a slimmer profile. The Everglades includes unique wheels as part of the package, with 35-inch LT315/70R17 Goodyear Territory MT tires.

2022 Bronco Everglades First Look

Ford previously announced 3 new colors coming for the 2022 Bronco, including Eruption Green. Looking at the photos where the camouflage doesn't conceal the pain, this may be the color included with the package. However, Ford will probably have multiple color options available for the Everglades if it's a trim level, or every color option available per each trim level if Everglades is an add-on package.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the Everglades package, as well as any other Bronco news!

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Jeremy Green - January 3, 2022

I Like the tailgate pullout – hopefully it’s flush with the forward floor of the back seats!

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