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2023 Toyota Tacoma New Packages 2023 Toyota Tacoma New Packages

2023 Toyota Tacoma - Next Gen or Same Old Taco?

Toyota Pulls A Fast One

It may be the understatement of the year to say that we were looking forward to the debut of a brand-new 2023 Tacoma this year, the first of the 4th generation of Toyota trucks. This off-road beauty was slated to show off not only a new body style and chassis, but an entirely revamped powertrain and a new frame to hold the whole beast together.

But alas, our hearts were broken on May 17th, when Toyota announced that the 2023 Tacoma wouldn’t be the flagship of the new generation, but would be the final model of the 3rd generation (hopefully). That said, there is a silver… er, chrome lining to this news. The 2023 Tacoma will have a few new packages available to those looking to upgrade this year, and while they do require the SR5 trim as a base, they offer some new options for customizing your rig, the Chrome Package, and new SX Package.

2023 Tacoma Chrome Package

Chrome Package

For those who like the extra passenger space of the SR5 Double Cab trim, the Chrome Package is going to add some significant shine to your ride. The Chrome Package is available on both the 4x2 and the 4x4 V6 SR5 Double Cab with a 5-foot bed.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Chrome Package

The Chrome Package starts with a considerable wheel upgrade to 18-inch alloy wheels with a chrome finish. You’ll also see chrome-finished door handles on the exterior and tailgate. They’ve included a chrome exhaust tip as well, so even when you’re leaving someone in the dust they’ll see your shine. On the interior, they’ve also added a beautiful leather wrap to the shift knob for a perfect finishing touch.

SX Package

2023 Toyota Tacoma SX Package

The SX Package can be obtained on any SR5 trim level, both the 4x2 & 4x4 models. This includes the Double Cab and the Access Cab versions.

The SX Package gives you blackout trim accents just about anywhere you can fit them in. You’ll get black mirrors, black badging, black fender flares, and gorgeous black wheels, even black lugs. The fender flares are one of the features that change the look more than simply giving it a “night” truck look, as they have a more aggressive stance, even with an unaltered factory wheel spacing.

2023 Toyota Tacoma SX Package

More Good News?

Despite the two new packages available, we can’t deny we’re a little disappointed about the delay in the 4th gen. Luckily, Toyota has softened the blow by adding two undeniably nice trim accent packages to the lineup, so no matter if you’re hitting the trail or crawling the mall, there’s sure to be one that fits your taste.

While we may be sad that we won’t get a chance to jump into a completely redone Tacoma this year, this also means the off-road bumpers & accessories we make for the 2016-2022 Tacoma will be compatible with the 2023 Tacoma from day one. Time to gear up and get going!

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