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How Can I Customize My Jeep?


Jeep is one of the most reliable automotive brands when it comes to performance, ride quality, and handling. However, you can take your vehicle to a new level by customizing the interior and exterior. Customizing your Jeep boosts not only its performance but also its overall appearance. Deciding on what extras to add to your Jeep can be a serious decision, especially if you are upgrading it to take it off-road. Here are some easy and creative ways to customize your Jeep JK.

Lift it Up

Although Jeeps can handle a lot of roads ranging from rocky and muddy roads to trails, lifting it up ensures you can overcome more off-roading obstacles. A proper lift increases clearance, approach angle, break-over angle, and departure angle so you don't get stuck when driving over bigger things. Make sure you get a quality Jeep Lift Kit to help you cruise on different terrains.

Pick the Right Wheels

Once you've lifted up your Jeep, consider upgrading your Jeep Wrangler’s Rims to match the lifted frame. Larger tires are not only great for any road but also enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Make sure that the wheels you pick can handle off-roading as well as any other uses you put them to. You may also need to upgrade your brakes so they can handle the larger tires.

Protect Your Lights

When off-roading in the dark, a broken headlight or taillight is not something you want to experience. Although Jeeps come with a solid lighting system that provides impressive visibility, you may want to add a set of Bright LED Lights to enhance your driving ability and experience. These lights help you anticipate obstacles along your path and alert other drivers of your status. Spend some money on Jeep Light Guards to save yourself the enormous hassle of replacing your front and rear lights.

Pick a Good Winch

There's always a chance of getting stuck in a hole or getting a bent suspension when you take your Jeep off-road. To minimize the inconvenience and save yourself from a costly towing bill, do not leave home without a Winch for your Jeep Wrangler. Pick a winch that can haul your Jeep one and a half times over to cover for the resistance and sticky mud that could be holding you back. A good line is essential, as well.

Invest in Rock Sliders

Regardless of how you use your Jeep, investing in Rock Sliders is a great way to upgrade the vehicle. If you go off-roading frequently, there is no doubt you get dings and scratches on your vehicle. Rock sliders prevent rocks from sneaking up between the wheels, effectively helping to protect the frame from damage. They also offer protection against trees and other vehicles that swing their doors open too hard in the parking lot.

Upgrade the Driveshaft

The driveshaft is the core of your drive system. As such, you should consider upgrading your driveshaft so that it complements the lifted suspension and larger tires. Failure to do this could see you getting trapped on the trail with a snapped driveshaft, making a push or a tow necessary. Lifting your Jeep without upgrading the driveshaft may force the latter into the exhaust pipes, resulting in bigger problems.

Differential Locks

The Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle, both on and off-road. While some of the newer JK Wrangler models come with differential locks, most do not. As such, if you want to do anything moderately challenging, like climbing over obstacles, you should have Differential Locks installed. These locks ensure the power from the engine is transferred equally to the wheels. This helps you get out of muddy ruts much more easily.

Once you are ready to customize your Jeep Wrangler JK, you need quality parts for the upgrade. At DV8 Offroad, we stock and sell quality parts and accessories to make your upgrade successful. Contact Us today for quality products at affordable prices.

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