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Jeep Wrangler with RTT Rock Crawling Jeep Wrangler with RTT Rock Crawling

January OHV Trail Recommendations - San Bernardino National Forest

This month's recommendations are for those who live near or may be traveling to the San Bernardino National Forest area in California. This beautiful area is home to great OHV trails, hiking, & camping opportunities. We highlight 3 such trails; Cleghorn Ridge, Gold Mountain, John Bull/Little John Bull.

Jeep Wrangler OHV Trail

Cleghorn Ridge OHV Trail

  • Easy to Moderate Difficulty
  • Point to Point
  • 14.1 mi - Roughly 2 Hours

Cleghorn Ridge OHV Trail is a 14.1 mi point-to-point trail with an elevation gain of 2759 ft. Towards the highest point of the trail there are beautiful lake views. Many side trails and detours are available if you want to explore a little more. The trail is open year round but subject to closures due to bad weather. Be sure to check with the US Forest Service before you go!

Here's a link to more info and a map of Cleghorn Ridge OHV Trail

Gold Mountain OHV Trail

  • Challenging Trail
  • Point to Point
  • 12.1 mi - Roughly 2 Hours

Gold Mountain OHV Trail is a challenging 12.1 mi point-to-point trail not far from Big Bear City that most stock 4x4 vehicles would struggle on. We recommend only taking a lifted 4x4 with no smaller than 31-inch tires. Rock sliders and skid plates are recommended as well. A particularly difficult yet fun section is the Gate Keeper. Expect to see a few others on the trail, but most times of year other vehicles are few and far between.

Here's a link to more info and a map of Gold Mountain OHV Trail.

John Bull OHV Trail

  • Challenging Trail
  • Loop
  • 15.3 mi - 2+ Hours

John Bull OHV Trail is a 15.3 mi loop that presents challenging obstacles and mountain views. It's recommended for people with at least some experience, and a 4x4 vehicle with at least 2-inch lift. It features a variety of scenery, and a range of different obstacles to overcome. While it is a popular trail, visiting off-season will bring you solitude. If you're hungry for more, head east to Little John Bull and the Squeeze.

Here's a link to more info and a map of John Bull OHV Trail

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