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Hells Revenge Badge of Honor Trail Hells Revenge Badge of Honor Trail

Jeep's Badge of Honor Trails

The Jeep Badge of Honor program was created by Jeep to interact with the off-road community. While the program is geared towards Jeep owners, it is by no means limited to Jeeps only, and any off-road enthusiast with the right rig is more than welcome to participate.

You can get started by downloading the app, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and checking in at one of the dozens of trails.

Ranking Classification

The program features a point system that allows you to rise through the ranks. Although anyone can join the program and rank up in the app, only Jeep owners are eligible for physical badges, referred to as Hard Badges.

The ranking system is as follows:

  • Newbie: 0 points
  • Trail Rookie: 100 points
  • Trail Explorer: 800 points
  • Trail Commander: 2500 points
  • Trail Pro: 4000 points
  • Trail Expert: 6500 points


Fortunately, points can add up reasonably quickly. For example, simply checking in at a trailhead will earn you 200 points. Sharing a picture is another 20 points. Finally, commenting on a trail page will get you 10 points.


Check-in is a simple process. Arrive at the designated trail and confirm your location in the Jeep Badge of Honor Trails app. This alone will earn your digital badge. If you are a Jeep owner, you can request a Hard Badge, and Jeep will mail it to you, free of charge. Proud trail runners affix the Hard Badges to the side of their vehicles, showing off their accomplishments for all to see.

Jeep Gladiator on Poison Spider Trail

The Trails

The program features 61 trails spanning 23 states. If you’re looking to scratch off several trails in a short amount of time, look no further than Utah. Utah is home to 11 Badge of Honor trails, the most of any other state, and nine of these trails are in the boundaries of Moab, Utah. Both California and Colorado host six Badge of Honor Trails each. The other 20 states have one to four trails. You can find the complete list of trails (as of December 2021) at the bottom of this article.

The Badge of Honors Trails have diverse terrain, including rugged terrain, steep climbs, and tree-lined paths. The app provides information about each individual trail, with a link to the trail’s website. You’ll also get a live weather forecast and the opportunity to engage with other off-roaders who have already run the route.

A simple guideline for Badge of Honor Trails difficulty is listed below. You should consider your skill level, and how capable your rig is before attempting a run.

  • 1 - 3 easy
  • 4 - 5 moderate
  • 6 - 7 demanding
  • 8 - 10 very challenging

Jeep Gladiator on Hells Revenge Trail

Preparing for Off-Road Trails

At DV8 Offroad, we understand that off-road adventures are loads of fun. However, preparation beforehand is required. Depending on what difficulty level the trail is, you've got to have some kind of lift on your rig. High clearance bumpers, skid plates, and rock sliders are also important features to upgrade. On-board tools and recovery kits are a necessity. At the minimum, you should have an air compressor, tire repair kit, tow straps, heavy-duty gloves, a fire extinguisher, and a first-aid kit. It is also recommended that you have an array of tools including wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers. You will likely want to include spare fluids as well.

For the Jeep off-roaders, we carry wheels specifically for the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator, two of the most popular vehicles for the Badge of Honor Trails. The DV8 886 Wheel has two sizes and three bolt patterns available, and has been tested to the highest safety standards.

Jeep Wrangler on Poison Spider Trail

Conquer The Trails Today!

Jeep’s Badge of Honor Trails is an exciting and engaging way to quench the thrill and adventure of off-road trail runs while connecting with others who share the same enthusiasm. The program is easy to use, and the many trails stretch across the country.

To help you succeed, DV8 Offroad is here to help you rise through the ranks of this unique, interactive program with an array of off-road customization options designed to elevate your rig to the next level.

Jeep Wrangler on Fins N' Things Trail

Complete List of Badge of Honor Trails

Alabama - All 3 trails are found in Stony Lonesome OHV Park
  • Switchback to Who's Your Daddy #500 - Difficulty 7-9
  • Gut Buster #508 - Difficulty 7-9
  • Trail #404 - Difficulty 3-5
Arizona - If you run Table Mesa Road trail, you got to try a pie from Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City. Arkansas - All 3 trails are located in Hot Springs ORV Park
  • Rubicon Ridge  - Difficulty 3-6
  • Snake  - Difficulty 2-4
  • Fun Run  - Difficulty 5-7
California - California has 6 trails spread around the state. Colorado - Colorado has 6 Badge of Honor trails, all with those amazing Colorado vistas. Florida - This trail is located in the Ocala National Forest. Georgia - Georgia's lone BOH trail is located in Union County, near Blairsville. Indiana - All four trails lay within Redbird State Recreation Area.
  • Trail #2X - Difficulty 8-9
  • Trail #3 - Difficulty 5-6
  • Trail #3X - Difficulty 7-9
  • Trail #5 - Difficulty 4-5
Michigan - Michigan has two BOH trails, one of which is on Drummond Island located in Lake Huron. It's the only island trail on the list.  Missouri - Both of these trails are located within the Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch.
  • Guard Rail - Difficulty 5-6
  • Pee Wee's Crossing - Difficulty 3-5
Montana - The single Montana BOH trail boasts beautiful mountain vistas along the route. Nevada - This trail is west of Vegas, and offers some fun crawling opportunities. North Carolina Oregon - Both of these trails are located in the Tillamook State Forest. Stop by the nearby Tillamook cheese factory and pick up some of their ice-cream, it's amazing.
  • Cedar Tree #13 - Difficulty 4-7
  • Firebreak 5 #14 - Difficulty 5-8
Pennsylvania - All three of these trails are located within the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.
  • Trail #11 - Difficulty 2-4
  • Crawler Ridge - Difficulty 5-9
  • Crawl Daddy - Difficulty 5-9
South Carolina - This trail is located in Gulches ORV Park, which has trails for beginners as well as expert crawlers.  Tennessee - All 3 of these trails are located at Windrock Park. They offer an app with maps for all trails in the park.
  • Trail #16 - Difficulty 7-8
  • Trail #26 - Difficulty 5
  • Panther Rock Trail #51 - Difficulty 3-5
Texas - For as large as Texas is, there are only 3 BOH trails in the state. Not a surprise when considering that most of the state is flatlands. Utah - If you had to choose one state to off-road in, Utah is the only correct choice. With 11 Badge of Honor trails and countless additional trails, Utah is the Epicenter of rock crawling. Virginia - Virginia is home to a single, easy to moderate trail. West Virgina - This system of trails, Bearwallow, provides opportunities for beginners & experts. Wyoming - Situated near Jackson, WY, the Monument Ridge trail system offers beautiful views of the area.

Which trails are on your bucket list? Which ones have you already ran?

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joe collina - January 11, 2024

just bought a2016 rubicon with some previous mods want to get to BOH trails trying to register with BOH but will not recognize my very long standing e-mail address need to find out why

william - September 18, 2023

how do i submit a trail and how hard is it to be turned into a BOH trail
DV8 Offroad replied:
Hey there!

Only Jeep themselves consider what trails to add to their list! We’re not sure how they decide this, there could possibly be more information on that specifically on the various Jeep forums available!


Rebeca Godoy Customer Engagement Specialist Horsepower Automotive Group Office: (480) 671-0820 Ext. 1053 Toll-Free: 1 (855) 233-8992 [cid:image001.png@01D9BE2F.63FB3C50]

lyns From Bc - October 4, 2023

Just discovered this was a thing. AMAZING! I’d love to see Canada added to this org. We have some great trails in BC. Perhaps WA…😃

DV8 Offroad replied:
We hear ya! Would be cool to see Jeep add some spots outside the US!

DV8 Offroad replied:
Yes, agreed! Hopefully Jeep adds some spots outside of the US!! ________________________________

Lee - January 19, 2023

The link for Hole in the rock trail in Utah does not take you to the BOH trail, it takes you to hole in the rock dirt road. Not the same thing… The dirt road is the west side of the river and the BOH trail is the east side of the river.

Nikki Hatch - January 19, 2023

They have a couple of great places in Oklahoma..
Crossbar off-road Ranch in Davis, Oklahoma and Gruber ORV in Muskogee, Oklahoma!!

DV8 Offroad - July 15, 2022

Thank you Robert and Timothy for catching the wrong state listed for Dickey Bell Trail #91! We corrected it.

Robert Heimberg - July 13, 2022

New Hampshire
Dickey Bell Trail #91 – Difficulty 6-8

Should read
Dickey Bell Trail #91 – Difficulty 6-8

Timothy Greenlaw - July 13, 2022

Dicky Bell #91 is in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina not in New Hampshire.

Todd Barry - May 24, 2022

suggestions for adding new trails in Georgia. 5313 Offroad par, Iron Mountain off road park, Houston Valley OHV trails, Davenport Mountain OHV trails, Oakey Mountain OHV trails, Whissenhunt OHV trails, Windy Gap, Milma Creek.

Mike - February 14, 2022

I agree with Joel Bingen. The Black Hills has some good trails that should be considered. “Camp 5” for example is a well-known trail that has some very difficult terrain the challenge any experienced Jeeper. Please consider adding it or other neighboring trails.

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