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Introducing DV8 Offroad's Elite Series of Off-Road Light Bars and Pods Introducing DV8 Offroad's Elite Series of Off-Road Light Bars and Pods

Introducing DV8 Offroad's Elite Series of Off-Road Light Bars and Pods

Trail lighting is not to be taken lightly. Nobody wants to have visibility issues when driving off-road in dark conditions. That’s how accidents happen and you or your ride get injured. To combat these forces of darkness we’ve created the new Elite Series of light bars and light pods. We’ve designed these lights to work well with any truck or Jeep with several options to choose from. 

20-inch light bar

Elite Series Lights utilize OSRAM LEDs that provide superior lighting and are rated to 50,000 hours of life. The lights are encased in a bezel-less housing that feature stylish heat fins to minimize heat build-up when clocking long hours on the midnight trail. Earning an IP68 rating this series is resistant to sand, dust, dirt, and water. The lenses are UV-resistant and designed in a way to cast off water, snow, or ice. If your buddy driving ahead kicks rocks at you, don't worry about being showered in broken glass, they’re shatterproof.

52-inch LED light bar

The DV8 Elite series includes three different light bars. If you’re looking for the power of the Sun you can go with the 52-Inch LED light bar that cranks out 42,000 lumens at 500W in a flood/spot pattern. You could throw our 20-Inch LED light bar on your bumper and hit the trail with 8,800 lumens at 105W. If you’re looking for a smaller yet effective light bar, we’ve got you covered with a 13-Inch LED light bar with 3,800 lumens at 45w. All three versions come standard with mounts, but we also offer upgraded slide mounts that can be fitted just about anywhere and can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

3-inch Pod Light

We created two versions of a 3-Inch pod light in the Elite Series. Both crank out 4,800 lumens at 40W in a flood light pattern. The Elite Pod Light can be installed anywhere on your Jeep or truck that you need to dispel the darkness. If you’re looking to go low-profile we made a Flush Mount Pod Light for installation in your DV8 Offroad front or rear bumper.

Flush Mounted Pod Light - Off-road

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