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September 2023 | DV8 Offroad Build of the Month September 2023 | DV8 Offroad Build of the Month

September 2023 | DV8 Offroad Build of the Month


Meet Matt and Sarah Girgis, the masterminds behind our most recent build of the month. Some build their vehicles for work, and others for pleasure. They built their Bronco for both reasons. With a company name like Roam Adventure Discover (RAD) Media, it’s obvious that traveling to remote areas is their expertise. Even on his days off, you will find Matt seeking new areas of the country to explore. His Bronco Raptor is the perfect vehicle to get him where he needs to go. 

The theme of this build is utility and comfort. Their solar panels feed deep-cycle batteries for ample power storage. This keeps their on-board fridge and lighting powered while in the most remote areas. The rooftop tent deploys quickly and provides a comfortable place for two at night. Abundant storage options throughout their build (including our center console molle panels) make sure all the camping essentials are there.  

Bigger tires and a full suspension kit (coming soon) make this rig more capable. If recovery is needed, our Spec Series front bumper provides a sturdy winch mounting point. Additionally, a Pro Eagle jack and recovery kit are stowed on board for additional recovery options.  

You can follow to follow Matt & Sarah’s adventures to see the content they capture along the way. You can also see this build featured in Offroad Travel TV’s first episode.  



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