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Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*
Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*

2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma Front Skid Plate

Original price $ 279.99 - Original price $ 279.99
Original price
$ 279.99
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The DV8 Offroad SPTT1-01 Tacoma Front Skid Plate was designed for the ultimate in protection for your front-end drivetrain, and engine undercarriage. They bolt directly to the frame, and utilize the frame and body mounts to add rigidity to reduce deflection to near zero. These plates help to slide off of obstacles, rather than getting hung up. Installation is simple and 100% bolt-on, so the sliders can be removed for a touch-up.

Key Features:

  • Rigid mounting
  • Black powder coat finish
  • 100% bolt-on
  • Extreme protection
Toyota Tacoma 2016-2023

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Customer Reviews

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Its 4 star product (my instructions right or wrong)

The dv8 should have ripped off the TRD look and did i red background on their logo. This product has a little hole for your oil and no door. No installation instructions. I grabbed a plasma cutter and made a 5 inch hole as i dont play on that crazy of trails. Now let me try to help. You'll need a jack to hold the plate. I used a double jack and a piece of wood for this balancing act. First grab your 10mm socket take off that black wind skirt thing. Next you should have a little splash gaurd that was a 12 mm socket. Take that 18 gauge crap off. You'll see two metal channels with a little bend. You'll need a 17mm socket to take it off. ( you'll use these to remount and for holes) line up your plate jack it up and up your 4 17mm bolts in. Now back them off just a little bit so you can put the two back ones that came with it. Think that was a 12mm socket. This is just the way i did it. I hope it helps. Ask a mechanic if you think i did something wrong