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Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*
Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*

Ford Raptor Parts & Accessories

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We’re known for our durable and stylish Jeep bumpers, tire carriers, and other accessories. We’re bringing that same passion to the all new 2021 Ford Raptor. We’re developing Raptor front and rear bumpers and other accessories to match the same trail-worthiness of our Jeep parts.

Ford Raptor aftermarket parts and accessories

The Gen 3 Ford Raptor has a number of significant upgrades from previous years models. Since many Gen 1 and 2 Raptor owners were replacing their 35 inch tires for 37 inch tires, Ford decided to modify the Raptor frame to accommodate the larger 37” tires including the full size spare underneath. The rear end now features five-link coil-sprung suspension with Fox dampers in place of leaf-springs, resulting in a longer suspension travel of 15 inches. The optional 37 inch tires produce a ground clearance of 13.1 inches over the 12 inches of clearance achieved with the 35 inch tires.

The 3.5L Twin Turbo EcoBoost V6 has been modified to crank out more horsepower and torque then it’s traditional tuning. Resulting in more power on and off-road as well as an increase of 200 pounds to both towing and payload capacity.

Keep your eyes on our News Feed for more information as it breaks on the 2021 Ford Raptor & more.