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DV8 Offroad takes on Easter Jeep Safari DV8 Offroad takes on Easter Jeep Safari

DV8 Offroad takes on Easter Jeep Safari

Every year, off-road enthusiasts from around the world gather in Moab, Utah for Easter Jeep Safari – a week-long event dedicated to exploring the rugged terrain of the American Southwest. As the premier off-roading event in North America, Easter Jeep Safari offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the most challenging and scenic trails in the country. Recently, our team at Dv8 Offroad had the chance to attend Easter Jeep Safari, and we're excited to share our experiences with you. From the preparation and planning to the trails and sights we encountered, read on for a firsthand account of what it's like to attend Easter Jeep Safari.

Just a month prior, we had a setback when our Ford Bronco broke our driver side tie-rod and our passenger side axle tube snapped in Sand Hallow, Utah. It was a stressful situation, but we managed to get it fixed and ready to go just a few short days before Easter Jeep Safari. This time we made sure to pack all the proper tools and spare parts, and made sure our vehicles were in top condition. The event is led by the Red Rock 4 Wheelers, a non-profit organization that has been organizing the event for over 50 years. They work tirelessly to plan out the best routes and trails for attendees to explore during the event.

Check out the video of our Sand Hallow experience!


On the first day of Easter Jeep Safari, we tackled the Moab Rim trail an amazing off-road trail that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is known for its steep climbs and challenging obstacles. We are always excited to test our skills and see what our vehicles are capable of. As we made our way up the trail, we were treated to stunning views of the Colorado River and the red rock formations that Moab is known for. The climb up the rim was challenging, but our vehicles performed flawlessly. The descent was just as thrilling, with steep drops and tight turns that required careful navigation. It was an incredible way to kick off our Easter Jeep Safari experience, and we couldn't wait to see what other trails lay ahead.

ford bronco in moab utah on moab rim trail

On the second day of Easter Jeep Safari, we decided to take a break from the more challenging trails and explore the scenic Wipeout Hill Trail. The trail consisted mostly dirt roads with very few obstacles, but the main attraction was the hill from which the trail took its name. While Wipeout Hill was fairly easy to navigate, it required caution due to its steep incline and loose rocks. We decided to have some fun and went down the hill and back up, enjoying the adrenaline rush along the way. Despite the lack of challenging obstacles, the Wipeout Hill Trail was still a scenic and enjoyable route, and we were able to take in the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Jeep Wrangler on Wipeout Hill in Moab Utah

On the third and final day of Easter Jeep Safari before the vendor show, we knew we had to go out with a bang. We decided to take on one of the more challenging trails in the area - Metal Masher. The trail is known for its difficult obstacles, steep inclines, and narrow sections. The views from the top of the trail were incredible, and we were able to take in the sweeping vistas of the surrounding landscape. It was a thrilling and challenging way to end our off-road adventure at Easter Jeep Safari, and we were already looking forward to next year's event.

Ford Bronco getting articulation on Metal Masher


After three days of thrilling off-road adventures, it was time to head to the vendor show at the Spanish Trail Arena. We were excited to showcase our Jeep Wrangler JL and Ford Bronco Badlands outfitted with all of our parts, and connect with fellow off-road enthusiasts from all around the U.S. We spent Thursday and Friday working our booth, handing out T-Shirts, stickers, and chatting with visitors. It was a great opportunity to share our passion for off-roading, and to learn more about the needs and interests of our customers. We met a lot of cool people who shared their own off-road stories and experiences, and it was inspiring to see the camaraderie and passion that exists within the off-road community. Overall, it was a great way to cap off an unforgettable week in Moab!

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