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United by Bronco | Factory Tie-Rod Disaster United by Bronco | Factory Tie-Rod Disaster

United by Bronco | Factory Tie-Rod Disaster

What was supposed to be an awesome week at United By Bronco in Sand Hallow, Utah quickly turned for the worse. We showed up bright and early for the run DV8 Offroad had sponsored, West Rim Trail. Hundreds of Broncos then split off for the day for their trails, as well as our group of about thirty, 6th Gen Ford Broncos. After hours of excitement behind us, we ran into a problem. We had the opportunity to take our Bronco on its first difficult off-chute: Menios Choice, a route on the West Rim that truly tested both our and the Bronco’s limits. We were about halfway up this hill climb and then next thing you know our driver side tie-rod and our passenger side axle tube snapped. Since we were in Southern Utah and knew of Matt's Offroad Recovery and his Youtube channel, we gave them a call and they came and helped us out.

The videos below will give you a further understanding on what exactly happened, Matt had his whole crew out filming our recovery, which made for an awesome video. Our video gives a more in-depth look on how we broke and what we broke.

Check out Matt's video too!

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