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Hammer Forged Front Bumper on a blue Jeep Hammer Forged Front Bumper on a blue Jeep

How to Install a Front Bumper on Jeep Wrangler

Some grow out of the JK Jeep Wrangler's stock bumper, while for others, it just doesn't cut it. Luckily, DV8 Off-Road offers a wide variety of quality aftermarket options for all types of Jeep enthusiasts. The old stock bumper on a Jeep must be removed first of course. The good news is that removing the JK Jeep Wrangler bumper is surprisingly simple and easy to do. While a lift does make it easier, this project doesn't require one and can be done right on the driveway. The only tools required are a plastic panel tool and an 18mm 3/8 drive deep-well socket and wrench. Having a drill nearby for tough to remove plastic screws isn't a bad idea.

How to Install a Front Bumper on Jeep Wrangler in 5 steps:

  1. Remove the lower air dam
  2. Disconnect the fog lights
  3. Disconnect the wire loom
  4. Remove the bumper
  5. Remove the upper air dam

These steps are simple enough to do at home. Getting a high-quality JK Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper from DV8 Off-Road is the ideal starting point.

Remove the Lower Air Dam

There are four plastic clips at the bottom of the lower air dam that must be removed with a plastic panel tool. Stubborn clips that absolutely won't budge can be drilled out, as they won't be needed with the new bumper. There are two more plastic clips on the backside of the lower air dam that also must be removed. These clips are accessed by reaching behind through the wheel wells. The lower air dam can be pulled off once all six plastic clips are removed.

Disconnect the Fog Lights

With the lower air dam removed, there should be space to reach behind the bumper. There is a wire harness that connects the fog lights to the bumper. Depressing the tab on each fog light wire will disconnect it.

Disconnect the Wire Loom

Four retaining clips secure the wire loom to the backside of the bumper. Reaching underneath the bumper will give access to unscrew the clips and detach the wire loom.

Remove the Bumper

There are four nuts on each side of the bumper that must be removed with the 18mm socket and wrench. On each side of the bumper, two nuts are on the inside of the frame and two are on the outside. The two inside nuts on the driver's side of the bumper are crowded by a vacuum pump. This is why the 3/8 drive socket specifically is recommended. Once all eight nuts are removed, the bumper can be pulled off the chassis.

Remove the Upper-Air Dam

Two plastic clips hold the upper air dam in place that must be unscrewed. The clips, in particular, are known to give problems and often must be drilled out. The upper air dam can be removed once the two clips are removed

With the stock bumper removed, it is time to install a quality built off-road bumper from DV8 Off-Road onto the JK Wrangler. The benefit of choosing a DV8 Front Bumper for the JK Wrangler is that functionality and durability are never compromised for style. All of DV8's products are thoroughly tested to the limits both off and on-road. A JK Wrangler fitted with DV8 parts not only looks the part but gets the job done every time. When you need high-quality Jeep parts, Contact DV8 Off-Road today.

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