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Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Jeep JK Bumper

For many Jeep owners, the factory bumpers may not suit their needs. Mopar bumpers constructed from thin plastic and steel just don't cut it. The factory bumpers were created with road safety in mind and may not hold up for off-road fun!

There's a big market for upgraded Jeep Wrangler JK front bumpers, especially those with parts from DV8 Off-Road. For extra protection, there's plenty of different options to customize a Jeep. These can be everything from the totally restyled Fab Fours Grumpier, to a simple double-tube style, to fender deletes, or even custom leather grab handles.

Jeep modification is part of the joy of these vehicles. Here are the top five reasons you should upgrade Jeep Wrangler JK front bumpers.

FS-12 Hammer Forged Front Bumper (FBSHTB-12)


Trail riding is a popular pastime for many Jeep owners, and once they start doing it, it's hard to stop the action. When they're out there the front and back of the Jeep are going to get dinged up. Whether it's tree branches, hit with rocks, or covered in mud. Most owners need extra protection.

The factory bumpers, while designed to be safe for roadway travel, aren't set up to withstand off-roading for too long. Aftermarket Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumpers are made from heavier duty steel specifically constructed to protect the body of the Jeep from heavier impacts. There's a bonus for those who use a Jeep to drive in daily life too. A heavier bumper protects from careless drivers.

Mounting Selections

Adding a sturdier bumper with options for winch-mounting can help get out of a bind when off-roading. Do it often enough and it's a pretty sure thing that many may need a winch to help you get rolling again. When you're looking at a new aftermarket bumper, make sure that the one you want can accommodate your new Jeep winch.

Besides having options for winches, most Jeep bumpers can also house many different accessories. These can be helpful for outdoor fun or helping a neighbor get out of a ditch. Things like hi-lift jacks, front or rear license plates, D-ring shackles, and auxiliary lighting can add value to your Jeep.

Vehicle Recoveries

A winch can be a valuable tool for recovering a vehicle that's run off the road. Winches aren't the only tool you can have for recovery, though. The right bumper can help with heavier tows. For example, many upgraded Jeep JK Rear Bumpers also have a shackle mount on each corner. These allow you to attach a tow rope or chain. This can help dig out a Jeep that's stuck in the snow or mud. Worst case scenario, you can even use the D-rings to tow the vehicle home or to an auto repair shop.

FS-1 (FBSHTB-01)

Better Tire Clearance

Don't just rush off for those perfect aftermarket Jeep Wrangler JK front bumpers. First, pick one that can fit around the tires of the Jeep. For owners who upgraded their tires, it's important to ask what bumpers can accommodate them.

For people who use their Jeep for regular daily driving, a full-width bumper should fit fine. These extend the entire face of the vehicle but won't affect the clearance of the tires.

Off-roading, though, larger tires may lead to a higher tire articulation. When drivers are clearing obstacles, the Jeep JK Wheels can press into the front bumper and can be dangerous. A bumper that doesn't fully extend around the body of the Jeep is a better bet here. Shorter bumpers reduce the limits on the tires and make it easier to negotiate around tricky angles.

FS-1 (FBSHTB-01)


There are many practical reasons to buy a new bumper for a Jeep. But, let's not forget what so many people love about these trucks – the style. Having the right bumper can add to the appearance of your Jeep kit. A great bumper sets off elevated tires and aggressive wheels. It can enhance the appearance for those that had a lift kit, or just generally catch the eye.

There are a ton of options, and some of the best come from DV8 Off-Road. Jeep owners have choices on style, size, color, and design. There are so many options for accessory attachments, too like the winches or bigger lighting.

Customizing your Jeep can be one of the most fun parts of ownership. For parts that will last through the toughest things thrown at a Jeep, pick parts from DV8 Off-Road. They use the best materials and the highest quality techniques to create the best Jeep aftermarket bumpers and accessories.

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