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The Bronco Raptor has been Confirmed for 2022 The Bronco Raptor has been Confirmed for 2022

The Bronco Raptor has been Confirmed for 2022

Ford President Jim Farley tweeted today that the Ford Bronco Raptor will become a reality sometime in 2022. What's immediately apparent in the short teaser clip he released, is the Raptor style grille with 3 marker lights and FORD emblazoned across the front rather than the BRONCO lettering.

Like it's F-150 & Ranger counterparts, this is meant to be the high performance version of the Bronco. No details were forthcoming, but there are some things we can safely assume will likely be upgraded. The suspension will surely be more suited for aggressive off-road driving. It'll likely be a turbocharged V-6 engine, but how it will differ from the current Bronco's twin-turbo V-6 is yet to be seen. 

As we've seen with various new releases in recent days, Ford will likely be trickling out details over the coming months. We will be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming releases of Bronco Front & Rear Bumpers and Accessories!

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