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Jeep Gladiator Half Doors Jeep Gladiator Half Doors

The Jeep Gladiator is now Available with OEM Half-Doors

Jeep recently announced that dealers can now start ordering Gladiators with half-doors, just like the Wrangler offers. They come as part of a soon-to-be-available Dual-Door Group option. This means that the half-doors are included with the regular full-size doors, it's not just one or the other.

The half-doors have all the same powered features as the full doors, such as power locks & mirrors, passive entry handles, and blind-spot detection. All of these features are meant for city driving, or at the most light off-road driving (read as 'dirt roads'). With no cutaways or mesh panels, you still won't be able to see those boulders and ledges right beside and beneath you when crawling.

There are available vinyl or acrylic panels you can install in the upper portions of the doors if you're tired of the wind whipping your face. The Dual Door option costs a whopping $4,590 (Vinyl Top) or $4,990 (acrylic top)! It's true, you also receive the regular full doors, so the price tag actually only covers the additional half-doors.

DV8 Offroad offers a couple options for true off-road half-doors/rock doors, at a much lower cost than these new OEM options. They feature cutaways and mesh panels to increase visibility on the trail. The mesh panels are removable in order to color match to your body if desired.

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