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Hit the trails ASAP with FREE Fast Shipping to the Continental US*

2018-2023 Jeep JL Fender Flares Delete Kit | Front & Rear

Original price $ 339.99 - Original price $ 339.99
Original price $ 339.99
$ 339.99
$ 339.99 - $ 339.99
Current price $ 339.99

The DV8 FDJL-03 Jeep Wrangler JL Fender Delete Kit was designed to maximize tire clearance and completely eliminate the factory fenders. Eliminating the fenders keeps the body of the Jeep further away from obstacles such as trees rocks and boulders and allows you to squeeze through tight spots that would be impossible to get through with a full width Jeep.

Integrated in the JL fender deletes are amber LED lights for you to wire into your turn signal harnesses.


  • Laser cut 3/16-inch steel
  • Form fitting
  • LED turn signal lights
  • Textured powder coat
  • Closes gaps left after removing fenders
  • 100% bolt on design

**Will not work with OEM inner fenders.

Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2023
Jeep Wrangler 4Xe 2021-2023
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dynamic Diesel
Nice Look but...

Love the Fender Delete kit but ran into some problems when coupled with inner fenders.

1. DV8 inner fender well kit is like m4 for Rivet Nuts that are mounted into unit. and Fender Delete kit is like m6.
Called DV8 customer service but not very helpful because it is what it is. Had to remove the m4 PRE INSERTED RIVIT NUTS...what a mess
Plan ahead and get the RIVIT NUT SETTER...if you don't have one...

2. on the front (inner-fenders) not the (delete) there are 4 bolt holes that do ABSOLUTLEY nothing. I have checked with other who ran into the same problem.

I kept the OLD WIRING HARNESS and cut off old assembly to reattach the new small running lights to that same wire that ran the old parking lights.

I also bought a grill that had turn led signals.... because you loose that feature..and also ran that wiring into the preexisting wiring harness.
I bought this same kit and like you received the DV8 aluminum inner fenders after I had completed the install of the Fender Delete. Here are the things I ran across: 1. The inner fender Rivit Nutserts are a smaller size then the M6 metric size the Fender Deletes came with. 2. I have to removed two of the Inner Fender Nutserts on each of the back inner fender and remove the original Nutserts on the Fender Delete to mount the back inner fenders and had to purchase/order New M6 Nutserts to complete. 3. On the front Inner Fenders I had to use Self Tap Screws (with predrilled hole) to mount the inner fenders and Could not reach the second screw that is higher up towards the driverside down low. I was only able to use 1 screw/nut to mount. 4. I had to Totally remove all Fender Deletes in order to mount the inner fenders Correctly. Basically all the mounting hardware is Useless DV8 sends especially the two large bolts for the front of the inner fenders as you Cannot Reach "inside the frame" on my jeep willys 2022 diesel. Love the look but DV8 needs to do some rethinking about their products and maybe a QR code for instruction or at least say Custom Install.

Brian Jimenez
Looks great after lots of swearing

The end product looks amazing but as a new jeeper there was no info on installation process, had to send it to a professional to install the front. All In all I’m happy with the look just wish there had been info on how to install

Where the f is the manual

Woulda been really nice to get a manual or have an option to download one. New to the game so I don’t know all the ins and outs and tricks, just woulda been nice to have something to go by

Dynamic Diesel
Not Rocket Science to Install

Went with DV8 instead of other brands as they are inset not flush with the body.

With that said I had to Purchase a Nutsert tool to set fenders.

No Drilling just removing paint around hole to fit.

Easy Peazy look great.