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DV8 Offroad at SEMA 2021 DV8 Offroad at SEMA 2021

DV8 Offroad at SEMA 2021

SEMA 2021 wrapped up on Friday last week, and we had a great time checking out all of the incredible builds at the show. We got to talk about all the new Bronco parts we've got on the way, as well as a couple of new parts for the Wrangler. We previously talked about our Wrangler EcoDiesel and our Bronco Badlands builds in our booth, but we also sponsored a number of other builds at the show we'd like to share with you.

DV8 Offroad Bronco

DV8 Offroad Wrangler



Delta Lights built a Wrangler 4Xe for the show, fitted with many of their lights and a number of DV8 parts as well. It's sporting our Tubular Rock Sliders, Heat Dispersion Hood, our angry eyed Replacement Grille, FS-15 Front Bumper, and our Jeep JL Rear Bumper with Flush Mount Lights. We'd love to take this 4Xe out for a spin to see how well the hybrid powertrain functions on the trail!

Custom Wrangler 4Xe

DV8 Offroad Wrangler 4Xe



We sponsored Spyder Lights' EcoDiesel Gladiator build, that features our FS-15 Front Bumper, Gladiator Overland Rack, and Ultra-Slim High Clearance Rear Bumper. There is a Cascadia Vehicle Tent mounted on top of our bed rack. They put together a real clean build, that looks formidable riding on those 40-inch Trail Grapplers wrapped around Fuel wheels!

Custom Gladiator SEMA 2021

Custom Jeep Gladiator DV8 Offroad



Dub Magazine and TIS Offroad put together another killer Gladiator build this year, and we were stoked to be a part of it. It's sporting our Front & Rear Inner Fenders, Slim Fender Flares, and Rock Sliders with Step. That matte olive drab paint and black trim looks fantastic!

Custom Jeep Gladiator SEMA

SEMA Jeep Gladiator



KEG Media put together a savage looking JL for the show, that is modified to the max with DV8 Wrangler JL Parts & Accessories! The front end is fitted with our FS-25 Front Bumper and Black Replacement Grille. Our A-Pillar Light Bar Mounts are holding the DV8 52-inch Elite Series Light Bar above the windshield. Along the side are our Plated Rock Sliders with Step, Wrangler 4-Door Rock Skins, and Rock Doors. The front & rear wheel wells are lined with our Inner Fenders, and the stock fender flares were replaced with our Armor Fender Flares. The DV8 Rear Bumper with Swing Away Tire Carrier protects the rear-end. The beautiful red leather seats were done by Roadwire Leather Interiors. It's riding high on a Skyjacker suspension system, and has Versatyre tires wrapped around Fuel wheels.

KEG Media SEMA Wrangler Build

KEG Media SEMA Wrangler Build

KEG Media SEMA Wrangler Build



Dirty Dog built a very purple Wrangler, dubbed Elita 1, featuring a number of our parts. Front and center is our FS-25 Front Bumper, which is accompanied with our Front & Rear Inner Fenders and Tube Fender Flares. They color matched our Jeep Half-Doors to flow with the metallic purple body.

Dirty Dog SEMA Wrangler Build

Dirty Dog SEMA Wrangler Build



We loaned our Gladiator to Caltrend Custom Seat Covers to show off a variety of different styles. They even removed our Gladiator Overland Rack to throw a couple more seats in the back for the show. We also sent Katzkin Leather Seats one of our soon to be released High Clearance Front Bumpers for their Bronco. Both companies make some slick looking seat covers.

DV8 Offroad Jeep Gladiator

DV8 Offroad Bronco Front Bumper



BRP Auto Designs created a fantastic Gladiator build that features many of our parts. Though we didn't sponsor this build (we didn't know about their Gladiator until we got there), we would love to sponsor them in the future. They used our Modular Front Bumper, Inner Fenders, Slim Fender Flares, Rock Sliders with Step, Bedside Sliders, and Steel Rear Bumper in their build. This Jeep was done right with the SJ Gladiator front end conversion!

BRP Auto Designs SEMA Gladiator

BRP Auto Designs SEMA Gladiator

BRP Auto Designs SEMA Gladiator



We spotted this crazy monster truck Level 7 Motorsports build of a 1955 Willy's pickup with something along the lines of a 4 or 5-foot lift! Front and center is a paint-matched DV8 FS-25 Wrangler front bumper modified to fit the frame.

Lifted Willy's Truck

We also saw this crazy spiked-out Gladiator, Mad Max style!

Mad Max Gladiator

We had a great time this year at SEMA, and met a lot of great people in the industry. We're excited for our next event, the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab!

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