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DV8 Offroad – All of the Jeep Accessories You Need to Build your Vehicle DV8 Offroad – All of the Jeep Accessories You Need to Build your Vehicle

DV8 Offroad – All of the Jeep Accessories You Need to Build your Vehicle

DV8 Offroad has always been about one thing – building cool vehicles. As avid off-roaders we know what it takes to bring your Jeep to the next level, and we continue to offer products that do just that. To give an example, we are going to break down this build to show what we can do to a stock Gladiator. We would also like to give a special thank you to Texas Vehicle Exchange in Carrollton, Texas for building this vehicle.

Jeep Gladiator aftermarket parts and accessories

Jeep Gladiator JT aftermarket parts and accessories

Gladiator Bumpers

Front and center on the Gladiator is our FS-25 front bumper. With this bumper, you retain your OEM fog lights and get additional lighting (20” slim LED light bar) within the top bull bar. If the boxed in bull bar is not your style, we also offer a top hoop variety (Part Number FS-15). Included d-rings and winch plate make sure you have everything you need to make recovery a breeze.

Utility does not end at the front bumper. The rear bumper features a sliding drawer that can house things like tools and recovery straps. The drawer is lockable, and the handle is hidden behind the license plate so no one will know its there. Even with the drawer, the bumper fits slim and gives great styling. Included d-rings give a nice rear recovery point, while cutout steps make for easy bed access. Finally, parking sensor cutouts ensure that no factory options are lost.

Jeep Gladiator JT aftermarket front bumper

Jeep Gladiator JT aftermarket rear bumper

Gladiator Fenders

Every offroad rig has large tires and our slim fenders help you clear those. Our fenders also provide a replacement for the factory turn signal that plugs into the OEM harness for an easy installation. The inner fenders make sure you still have the necessary amount of protection while cleaning up your wheel wells.

Jeep Gladiator fenders

Gladiator Doors

Many people might think that offroad doors are made only for looks, but that is not true. When you are trying to get the perfect line, you may need some extra visibility. Rock doors give the ability to see more of the trail and have an open-air experience. The high-quality latches make sure operation is as smooth as can be.

2021 Jeep Gladiator aftermarket rock doors

Gladiator Chase Rack and Tire Carrier

Chase racks are a good option for additional light mounting. The rear facing light can be used to make yourself visible to others in dusty conditions. The side facing lights can illuminate areas that bumper mounted lights cannot reach. Finally, the forward-facing light can help the bumper mounted lights when you are driving in the dark. The bed is finished off nicely with our adjustable tire carrier. The adjustability allows the tire to either sit at a 45 degree angle, or it can sit parallel to the bed so you have more room to use your bed for storage.

2021 Gladiator aftermarket tire carrier

2021 Jeep JT bed rack

Gladiator Sliders

Trails can be unforgiving at times, so it is always a good idea to protect yourself. Our sliders are made with .160” wall tubing and 3/16” steel for incredible strength. They also use OEM mounting points, so you do not have to drill or weld for installation.

2021 Jeep Gladiator JT rock sliders

Gladiator Light Brackets

You can never have too many lights, right? We offer a few different A-pillar light mounting options, but this build is shown with two cube lights per side and a 50” bar mounted above the windshield.

2021 Jeep Gladiator JT A-pillar light mount

Gladiator Hoods

Our heat dispersion hood finishes off the look of the vehicle nicely, but it also has a purpose. With increased ventilation, under hood temps are better controlled. This becomes particularly important when you are going crawling speeds and there is not much wind flow.

Jeep Gladiator JT aftermarket parts

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