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Lexus GX 470 VS Lexus GX 460 | Which is the Better Off-Road Vehicle?

The Lexus GX platform has been the primary luxury off-roading choice for nearly two decades now. They both have a ton of features that make them the perfect way to leave pavement while still keeping a luxury feel and experience. However, if you’re new to the GX models, you have probably seen a flood of talking points that make both models sound remarkably similar.

At this point, you may just be asking yourself, “what’s the difference” or simply, “which one should I get?” We’re going to dive into the main differences between the two, as well as what similarities there are. In the end, we hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which is right for your next off-road build.

Lexus GX 460 VS GX 470

Where Does The GX 470 Excel?

The GX series pioneer, the GX 470, did a lot of things right. It maintains a higher ground clearance right from the factory, as well as being equipped with higher approach, departure, and break-over angles than the GX 460. This means that even without an aftermarket lift, you’ll be able to be more effective on the trail.

The GX470 is also significantly lighter than its successor, making it much more nimble during off-road applications. This also means there’s more capacity to add upgrades and accessories, like lights, suspension, or a winch-ready bumper before weighing it down too much.

Lexus GX 470 Off-Road Build

On top of all that, you can get a used 470 for less than $15k, while a used 460 will average more than $35k. That means that even if you do have the budget for a 460, you can save that extra $20k and put it towards additional gear, gas, and good times.

What Are The Benefits Of The GX 460?

The GX 460 still retains the downhill assist control and the hill ascent control that the GX 470 has but adds some extra functionality. The GX 460 offers the option of getting Crawl Control for those that take on rock crawling trails or other off-road applications, where you need a highly controlled speed for getting over or across large obstacles.

Lexus GX 460 Off-Road Build

The GX 460 also retains the KDSS stability control, which helps augment the A Trac. A Trac acts as smooth, electronically-operated differential lockers. While the bumper angles can be improved with an aftermarket bumper, the native angles are a few degrees shy of matching the GX 470.

If you're looking for a new Lexus GX with all the extra comfort features, crawl control, and a fresh engine; the GX 460 will probably be the best bet.

Which One Is Better For An Off-Road Build?

When it comes down to it, the decision of which is a better starting point for an off-road build will largely be up to you. You can get a used GX 470 far cheaper than a used GX 460, but the 460 does have some integral features you just can't get on the 470. No matter which you end up going with, you’ll have a luxurious trail runner, and all you’ll need to do is grab a few accessories and hit the road.

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