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Lexus GX Series with Molle Panel Storage Lexus GX Series with Molle Panel Storage

The Rundown on Vehicle Molle Panels

Are you someone who values off-road travel & storage efficiency? Then it’s time to get on the molle panel bandwagon! DV8 Offroad's vehicle storage panels revolutionize the way you organize your supplies. Gone are the days of rummaging through storage bins and wrestling with cargo straps - this modular system will make sure that all your gear is easily accessible so you can make quick transitions from daily drives to road trips & overland expeditions. In this article we cover what molle is and the storage solutions they offer for those who want to always be prepared.

What are Vehicle Molle Panels?

MOLLE stands for Modular Light-Weight Load-Carrying Equipment. Originally made from fabric and integrated into vests or packs, they were worn or carried by people and used to efficiently carry their gear. Vehicle panels that feature the molle pattern are typically made of steel, and are capable of using a variety of attachment systems. The panels can be mounted in various areas inside or outside of your vehicle, and they're suited for storing tools, fluid tanks, med-kits, radio mics, device mounts, and holsters among other supplies.

How to Mount Gear on Molle

Molle panels are known for their versatility in providing multiple solutions for mounting gear. Primarily these methods are straps, molle mounts, clips, bolts, & rope or paracord. Straps such as those found on pouches or bags, can be weaved through one or more cutouts and then velcroed or snapped into place on the pouch. Molle mounts are often designed to bolt into place through smaller holes found in between the larger cutouts in the pattern. Clips on holsters, sheaths, & other tools can snap into place at the edge of the panel, or anywhere throughout the weave pattern. Using rope or paracord is a great solution for when there are no straps or mounts available. Fluid tanks such as Rotopax, offer tank mounts that can be installed to your exterior panels.

DV8 Molle Panels

Our molle panels for the Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator, Bronco, Toyota Trucks & SUVs, and Lexus GX Series models revolutionized storage solutions for these vehicles. We set out to solve the common limitation of space without compromising style and quality. With rigidity and security in mind, our panels are custom designed and provide a highly versatile storage solution. From tools & supplies to recovery gear & comms equipment, we have designed a mounting solution for it. Our full line of overland molle accessories can be seen below.

Wrangler & Gladiator Center Console Molle Panels

Our Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Center Console Molle Panels are the ultimate storage solution for off-roading. This innovative kit includes two custom-designed molle panels - one for the driver side and one for the passenger side - which are designed specifically to fit tightly against the center console of your Jeep. Compatible with both manual and automatic shifters, our panels will not disrupt or interfere with any existing control settings. The panels provide improved storage capacity, allowing you to store everyday items such as pouches, med-kits, tool boxes, holsters, and more.

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Wrangler JL Rear Window Molle Storage Panels

Are you ready to hit the trails with your Jeep Wrangler JL? Then make sure you’re prepared for your next off-road adventure with the Rear Window Molle Storage Panels! These panels were specifically designed to ensure that all of your gear remains securely stowed while tackling the tough terrain. Conforming perfectly to the shape of your rear roll bars, this system provides additional storage options to maximize your Jeep’s cargo space. Easily mount bags and other overland accessories such as first aid kits, knives, recovery gear, tools, and more with its compatibility for numerous attachment systems including straps, bolts, zip ties and other tactical solutions.

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Bronco Rear Window Molle Storage Panels

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with the DV8 Rear Window Molle Panels, designed specifically for your 6th Gen Bronco. Whether you’re out on trails or getting ready for a tough job, you need reliable and secure access to your gear. That's where the panels come in – they feature a molle system so you can strap, bolt, clip, or zip tie your equipment in place. From recovery gear to first-aid kits to tools, they will stay securely stowed while still being easy to reach.

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Bronco Center Console Molle Panels & Digital Device Bridge

The Bronco Center Console Molle & Device Bridge is the perfect upgrade for off-roaders who need to stay organized in all terrain. This product provides easy, quick access to must-have items like a multi-tool, sheath, holster and EDC gear right out of your center console. Our design includes two side panels equipped with multiple molle straps that allow you to store and retrieve pouches quickly and easily while retaining full use of cupholders and the passenger side grab handle. Moreover, the bridge has 5 PEM nuts (M5 x 0.8) which are compatible with most RAM diamond based digital device mounts — so whether you’re hitting the trail or running around town, you’ll have your cell phone, GPS system, or radio within arm's reach!

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Bronco Molle Door Pockets

The Molle Door Pockets are the perfect addition to your 2021+ Bronco for storing more essential items on all your off-roading adventures. Crafted from rugged steel, these panels offer a larger and more secure storage system compared to the factory door nets, allowing you to store items inside the pockets and securely mount accessories to the outside of the panels thanks to the molle webbing pattern. Each door pocket panel is designed specifically for water bottles - something that was missing from the factory net system. Due to its unique design and prime location in your vehicle's interior, these door pocket panels are great for making sure all of your small yet necessary items are easily accessible.

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4Runner Rear Window Molle Panels

Our 4Runner Rear Window Molle Panels open up an array of possibilities for off-roaders looking to unlock their 4Runner’s full potential. Our panels offer highly effective storage space optimization by fitting perfectly against your rear window without compromising cargo space. Each panel utilizes a molle pattern that is designed to be compatible with a variety of attachment systems, including straps, bolts and zip ties, providing a perfect cargo system solution. Plus, these panels feature light mounts perfect for Baja Designs' Dome Lights.

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4Runner Center Console Molle Panels & Device Bridge

Our 5th Gen 4Runner Molle Panels & Digital Device Bridge are the perfect accessories for off-roaders looking for an organized and efficient way to keep their everyday items close at hand. The panels provide various mounting points for molle pouches, holsters, pocket lights, small tools and other molle accessories on both sides of your vehicle. Plus, the integrated digital device bridge allows you to quickly attach a variety of handheld devices such as smartphones, radios, tablets and GPS systems via five PEM nuts (M5 x 0.8) compatible with RAM diamond base digital device mounts, as well as other common brands.

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Tacoma Center Console Molle Panels & Device Bridge

Make your 3rd Gen Tacoma more practical and efficient when you install our Center Console Molle Panels & Digital Device Bridge. This combination gives you the perfect way to keep your everyday items and handheld devices close and accessible. The side panels are specially designed to fit Molle pouches, small tools, a holster, pocket light, and many other accessories while the device bridge fits snugly along your control panel. It's fitted with 5 PEM nuts (M5 x 0.8) that are compatible with RAM diamond base digital device mounts as well as other common brands, so you can easily mount up your smartphone, GPS, tablet, radio, or other handheld devices in an accessible location.

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Tundra Center Console Molle Panels & Device Bridge

Our Center Console Molle Panels & Device Mount are ideal for those who need to keep their items close and access them with ease. Featuring driver and passenger side panels specifically designed to fit your Tundra, these panels provide an excellent way to mount molle pouches, small tools, holsters, pocket lights, and other molle accessories. You no longer need to take your hands away from the wheel or risk fumbling with cargo around the cab of your vehicle; everything you need is right at your fingertips. This easy-to-install system also includes a digital device bridge with five PEM nuts (M5 x 0.8) that offer compatibility with popular RAM diamond base digital device mounts for additional convenience. Now you can securely mount any of your electronics - smartphone, GPS, tablet, radio - in the most convenient spot possible so you can remain focused on the journey.

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GX 460 Rear Window Molle Panels

Our GX 460 Rear Window Molle Panels are the perfect accessory for those seeking to increase their vehicle’s storage capacity and functionality. Each panel is custom-designed to conform to the rear window and body of your GX 460, providing a clean, finished look. An array of mounting options are available with options such as the molle mesh pattern and individual mounting holes for a variety of gear and supplies. Whether you need extra room for recovery tools or just appreciate the convenience that these panels provide, they make accessing essential items a breeze in any situation. Installation takes only minutes with simple bolt-on mounting at existing factory locations.

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GX 470 Rear Window Molle Panels

With DV8 Offroad’s Rear Window Molle Storage Panels, you can save time and enjoy greater convenience without sacrificing style. These sturdy and reliable panels provide secure attachment points for various tools, recovery items, pouches, and more that are compatible with a range of mounting systems such as straps, bolts, clips and even zip ties for increased versatility. The installation process is quick and straightforward with minimal drilling required. The unique design of the molle pattern conforms securely to the shape of the rear windows for a sleek, finished look that adds to your vehicle’s visual appeal. Moreover, its multiple mounting points ensure that it remains rigid and secure on even the toughest trails.

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DV8 Offroad molle panels are perfect for the daily driver & adventurer alike. These versatile cargo management systems are ideal for keeping your essentials organized and secure when you're on the go. They feature laser cut and CNC fabricated components that instantly upgrade your ride with a professional look and rugged durability. Whether you're transporting your gear from one adventure to another or simply organizing storage in your vehicle, molle panels come in handy. Do you run molle panels on your ride? Let us know in the comments!

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Robert - May 5, 2023

What Danny said! Definitely should make it for the Ford Explorer police interceptors
DV8 Offroad replied:
Agreed! Here in AZ some departments run the Chevy Tahoe. We are developing products for the Tahoe, which are soon to be released.

Danny Lender - March 15, 2023

These mollie mounts would be amazing if you made them to fit the Ford police explorer. I and many of my fellow law enforcement officers would definitely purchase them for our vehicle if you had them.

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